Terms & Conditions

Before using our website www.en.sunrise71.com; you must know the terms and conditions of this website. We usually provide health services. We have made this website for the benefit for all. So, we always make sure that, no one is cheated or harmed in any way by using our website. And this is why we have some conditions for the readers and visitors.

Let’s know about the conditions:

(1) We do not publish any religious or political articles in our website.

(2) We do not publish any writing that will hurt anyone or insult anyone.

(3) Based on the information published on our website, we do not allow any kind of treatment or self-medication without the advice of a doctor or without our advice. And so, at the bottom of almost each article published on our website, it has been written as a warning.

(4) No treatment is written here through any personal opinion. Every article published on our website has an appropriate source.

(5) Please refrain from making bad comments. Contact us if you have any questions or need to know.

(6) Every content published on our website is copyrighted. Therefore, using any content for commercial purposes without our permission would be considered a punishable offense.

(7) We may change the Terms and Conditions of Use of our Website at any time. So, keep an eye on this page while using our website.

Hope everybody understands. Many thanks to everyone for being with us.