About Us

The Sunrise71 website is launched in mid-2019.

Sunrise71 is actually a health care website. Md. Azgar Ali works as the chief executive in this website. He is studying D.H.M.S course in Panchagarh Homoeopathic Medical College. He has also completed B.S.S in first class from Debiganj Government College recently and is doing Masters in Political Science at Nilphamari Government College.

In the beginning of this website, a person named Ramesh Chandra Roy was directly involved with Sunrise71 who is a computer operator by profession. He chose the domain name Sunrise71. Now Ramesh Chandra Roy is not directly involved with Sunrise71. However, he is indirectly involved with us. Ramesh Chandra Roy has a separate website where he introduces various job circular. If you want, you can visit the website of Ramesh Chandra Roy by clicking here. There is so much talk about Ramesh Chandra Roy that he has contributed a lot behind Sunrise71.

In addition to Md. Azgar Ali, a few others member work on this website. Notable among them are Afsana Mimi Akhi, Sabina Akhter Jasmin, Sumi Akter, Mohar Ali, Md Shamim Reza and a few others. They all play a role in building the website in different ways. New faces will also be added to Sunrise71 over time.

The Sunrise71 website is managed by Md. Azgar Ali. There is no specific office for Sunrise71 (currently). This website is operated and maintained from home.

The main purpose of the Sunrise71 website is to bring healthcare to people’s homes through the internet. People can easily know all the various diseases, causes of diseases, treatment, ancillary medicine and so more.

At first Sunrise71 authorities thought it would only share homeopathic matters. But, since people are associated with different ailments such as – homeopathy, Allopathy etc; So it was decided to share information on all topics on this website.

Sunrise71’s domain and hosting were purchased from Dianahost. As far as we know, Dianahost offers very good quality domain and other services including hosting services in Bangladesh. We are especially grateful to the Dianahost authorities.

We have a lot of menu bars on our website. The main reason for this is, so that people can get all kinds of information about health care.

There are no such conditions for visiting our website. Anyone can take health care from our website from any device at any time.

You can also share healthcare information at Sunrise71. You can send your text to admin@sunrise71.com. We will publish your content with your name and address.

We started working from a very small range. You can cooperate with us with any feedback. Send us feedback on our email: info@sunrise71.com

Thanks for staying with us.