Nux Vomica

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Nux Vomica 

[Crushed seeds are finely ground]

Where to use: mental exertion, acid, fruitless stools, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, diarrhea, acne in the mouth, bad results in anger, drinking too much alcohol, drinking too much spicy food, Back pain, great medicine for nightmares, tasteful people, those who are thirsty at night.

That mentality applies to people: The role of Nax in mental symptoms is most disgusting and always raises doubts. Can’t look at anyone with particularly good eyes. Irritable mood people and angry. Anxiety, frustration, intolerance, sadness, very cautious, one-sided, annoyed, stubborn, a little Cole Kujo is ambitious, sensitive, jealous, and tough man.

Light hair, eye color almost blue. Bile blood is the main and tasteful person. Not only industrious, busy, and ambitious, he can sit day and night and do mental work or intelligence. Knox is their medicine for those who lead a lazy life and suffer from indigestion or stomach problems. Knox works very well for those who eat spicy foods and those who get sick at night.
Especially, if you are sick at night, you should remember this medicine. There is a great tendency to struggle and fight. Where he hears sweet language, he behaves sweetly, where he has to be corrupt, he does not hesitate to be corrupt. Big strange character people. It is very difficult to understand what they are satisfied with and what they are dissatisfied with.

He doesn’t hesitate to insult anyone like a bastard. Are quarrelsome and reckless. Loves to be clear. The reckless man is instantly angry at anyone and arrogant to kill him. Feels everything in his mind and wants to get closer by force. His mind is very picky and impatient about food. The excitement is so great that even the beloved husband-son is arrogant to kill.

Sometimes he does not hesitate to quit his job due to excitement. All that works almost goes into insanity. He wants to destroy others and does not get along with his wife at all. Prone to violence so much that he can’t see others well. It works as very good medicine for very quarrelsome people. He throws just leaves at any little thing and insults and then repents.

Stomach but weak. When the milk enters the stomach, it becomes sour. Half an hour after the meal, the pressure feels like a stone. The pain pushes down and especially the abdomen. Every time there is an upset stomach, there is cold and severe asthma.

The cold settles on the nose, chest, and ears. As a result of eating guru, he became ill. Many times the appropriate medication cannot be tolerated. Hernia and urinary stones attack the right side. In children, Cocculus should be used if the role of Nax does not work in the case of hernia. Spinal pain, especially backs pain, neck pain, bed soreness.
Irritates hands and feet. Still sweating. The first part of the tongue is clean and the last part is dirty. The edges of the tongue are white, yellow, and cracked. All eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin are itchy and the patient is emaciated. Nax role medication should be taken at least half an hour before bed at night. Moreover, it is the best medicine for constipation.

Many times constipation causes blood pressure to rise in the head. Low back pain and constipation are constant companions. The stool is usually muddy and does not want to come out easily. The dark veins are stuck in the anus like eighteen. The rectum, urethra, and uterus all become so weak that stool, urine, and menstruation cannot pass out quite clearly. There is frequent urination, little by little urination, and burning sensation in the urine. It is important to know that Hamamelis is one of the best medicines for hemorrhoids.

Plenty of menstruation is very seventy and long-lasting irregular, premature appearance, blood clots. Fainting is observed during the season. Uterine rupture. Patients with this medication should have libido and emotional symptoms. Plenty of white discharge, occasionally flowing under pressure. “The role of Knox is a good drug when starting treatment for patients who have been treated with a variety of drugs,” Hahnemann said. Acute Fever – In the morning realize that there will be a fever.

The tip of the nail is blue with extreme vibration. He has a cold feeling and always wants to keep something in his body. It feels cold when the cover is opened but it is not good to cover it later because it starts to irritate the inside. Fever, sweat, heat, mixed. Body sweat smells acidic. Sweating on one side of the body. Abdominal pain including biting on hands, feet, and back. Coughing is whooping cough or whooping cough. Coughing, coughing, suffocation. The mucus never rises again.

Supplements: Sulfur, Calicarb, Camo, Sepia, Lycopodium, Carbovej.

Ingredients: Pulsatilla, Aconite, Ars, Beledona, Cocculus, Igne, Camphor, Thuja.

What to relieve: rest, pressure, heat, evening, heat, food, in the open air, toothache in hot water, defecation, sitting on a stone staircase, in bed, in wet weather.

What and when to grow: lying on the right side, in the cold, after eating, at night, movement, especially in the morning, in the morning, in the sound of touch, after the season, soaked in cold water, in winter.

Desire: to tear and tear clothes in anger, to eat fat, to eat juicy food, sour, acrid, bitter, to keep the door clean, to be covered, to eat chalk, to spice curry, to commit suicide but to be afraid, to defecate repeatedly Then, to kill another, to lie down, to water at night, to quarrel by deception.

Reluctance: in the flesh, in the music, in the bath, in the air.

Food Prohibition: Tea, milk, onion.

Mayajam: Antisoric.

Moaning and working period: Winter / 7 days.

Hundredth power: 3x / 30/200/1000.

50 millennial energy: M2, M3, M4, M5, energy is higher in chronic diseases.

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